Book chapter on Finnish foreign policy

Raunio, Tapio (2021): Finnish Foreign Policy: Pragmatic Adjustment to a Changing World Order. In Jeroen K. Joly & Tim Haesebrouck (eds) Foreign Policy Change in Europe Since 1991. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2021, 99-125.

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Book chapter on parliamentary committees in the Finnish Eduskunta

Raunio, Tapio (2022): Committees in the Finnish Eduskunta: cross-party cooperation and legislative scrutiny behind closed doors. In Sven T. Siefken & Hilmar Rommetvedt (eds) Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process. London: Routledge, 79-97.

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Article with Wolfgang Wagner, Luis Pelaez and Maartje van de Koppel on transatlantic relations in the European Parliament (part of a special issue ‘Contestation and Politicization of European Foreign and Security Cooperation: New realities or same old routine?’, edited by Katja Biedenkopf, Oriol Costa & Magdalena Góra)

Wagner, Wolfgang, Pelaez, Luis, Raunio, Tapio & van de Koppel, Maartje (2021): The party politics of the EU’s relations with the USA: evidence from the European Parliament. European Security 30:3, 418-438 DOI: 10.1080/09662839.2021.1947803.

Publication in Finnish on the impact of EU on the Finnish political system

Raunio, Tapio (2021): Kansallista vai eurooppalaista politiikkaa? EU ja Suomen poliittisen järjestelmän muutos. Teoksessa Kimmo Elo (toim.) Suomi 25 vuotta Euroopan unionissa. Turku: Sigillum, 77-102. The book is available at .

Article with Corentin Poyet on the impact of populists on legislative-executive relations in Finland (part of a forthcoming special issue, ‘Representative Democracy in Danger? The Impact of Populist Parties in Government on the Powers and Practices of National Parliaments’, edited by Aleksandra Maatsch and Eric Miklin)

Poyet, Corentin & Raunio, Tapio. Confrontational but Respecting the Rules: The Minor Impact of the Finns Party on Legislative–Executive Relations. Parliamentary Affairs (

Book chapter on democracy and the EU

Raunio, Tapio (2021): Democracy and the EU. In Rory Costello & Neil Robinson (eds) Comparative European Politics: Distinctive Democracies, Common Challenges. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 101-117.

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Article with Wolfgang Wagner on development policy in the European Parliament (part of a forthcoming special issue on the politicization of European development policies co-edited by Julian Bergmann, Christine Hackenesch and Jan Orbie)

Raunio, Tapio & Wagner, Wolfgang. Contestation over Development Policy in the European Parliament. Journal of Common Market Studies (


Raunio, Tapio & Wagner, Wolfgang eds. (2020). Political Parties and Foreign Policy. Foreign Policy Analysis 16:4.

The issue contains two articles co-authored with Wolfgang Wagner, an introductory article of the Special Issue and a second one analysing external relations votes in the European Parliament:

The Party Politics of Foreign and Security Policy (

Party Politics or (Supra-)National Interest? External Relations Votes in the European Parliament (

Article with Corentin Poyet on the electoral connection of legislative speeches

Poyet, Corentin & Raunio, Tapio. Reconsidering the Electoral Connection of Speeches: The Impact of Electoral Vulnerability on Legislative Speechmaking in a Preferential Voting System. Legislative Studies Quarterly (

Article with Karl Magnus Johansson on centralization of government communication

Johansson, Karl Magnus & Raunio, Tapio. Centralizing Government Communication? Evidence from Finland and Sweden. Politics & Policy (

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